Jose Dumlao III, known professionally as Yung Rizzo, is a Filipino-American music artist and songwriter from the Bay Area, California. Yung Rizzo is known for his song “Still Here” which debuted on the Spotify Viral 50 chart and for being recognized as one of Spotify’s in demand artist in the Philippines. Yung Rizzo locked in a distribution deal in 2022, with Sony Music Entertainment’s AWAL.

Rizzo’s rise to fame came at a time when he was still at San Jose State University, where he also acquired his Bachelors in Sociology. As a prodigy with so much talent, the rapper released his first E.P., Mindset, on which he featured his famous “Let Go” single that made it to the prestigious Hip-Hop news outlet WorldStarHipHop.

A rapper with an awe-inspiring beginning, Yung Rizzo has turned his career into an influential image for many upcoming rappers in the U.S. and of course, the Philippines. His unique style has aided him in collaborations with renowned rappers, including; The Jacka, Mistah F.A.B., and many others. Currently, Yung Rizzo has garnered a fan base that reaches not only his region but also the international masses.